Backstage High-Tech Premiere

A film by REMY DISCH
Produced by Bonne Pioche
52′ HD


What if immersive virtual reality and the simulation technologies used every day in the industrial world could come together to permit the invention of a new scenic language totally subservient to the imagination? Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault had such a dream – where the fusion of dance and technology would immerse the spectator in an incredible state of illusion.  And their encounter with Dassault Systems, the world leader in 3D imagery, made their dream a reality. Together, they decided to create « Mr. and Mrs. Dream », which intends to pay homage to the ideal of a total theater as imagined by Eugene Ionesco. The assembled engineers and artists built ‘a lab’ at the Pietragalla-Derouault Dance Company’s headquarters in the Parisian suburbs. Equipped with the most state of the art technology, this lab quickly became the heart of their emerging creation. Here, the artists’ most intimate conceptions and freshest ideas could be translated “in real time” into technological language. The result is awe-inspiring: an unprecedentedly innovative performance in a totally original genre, aimed to turn a page in the history of the theatrical arts. The show and its new genre allow the audience to experience the sights and sensations of a landscape of imagination. For the first time live interactive 3D projections from the floor, on the back walls and sides of the stage, create an immersive universe that unfolds in symbiotic dialogue with the bodies of the dancers. Step by step, this documentary shows how everything was made possible…