A serie by Jerome CHEVAL
Produced by FCA
3x52′ 6x52′ 90′ 4K HD


Why buying a new car when you can have your collector Lamborghini repaired?

Businessman and old-timer aficionado Nelson has owned a dismantler for 20 years. To face the new challenges posed by environmental issues as well, like others in the business, he has created a parallel automobile industry. By recycling components in good condition, his company fixes as many cars as possible, and resells them with a new value.

Working with an unconventional and dynamic team, they repair a dozen of vehicles on a daily base and do the best to satisfy the craziest requests from clients. Will he be able to find the last rare piece to fix the collector Lamborghini? Will he get the armoured car ordered for an African Minister ready soon enough?

And as more and more people adopt recycling consciously as part of their lifestyle, Nelson also organizes a giant fair every year. Thousands of curious people and car lovers attend it in order to find old and rare pieces for their vehicles, whatever modern or old they may be.

Discover how this centennial industry has reinvented itself.

3X52’ + 1X90’ (Saison 1) – 4K

6X52’ + 1X90’ (Saison 2) – 4K