Children in Art

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The depiction of children in pictorial art has changed through time. And it took centuries before children were painted as such.

The most portrayed one, Baby Jesus, used to have the traits of an adult – as reminder of his later role as the Savior. It was not until the Italian Renaissance that he was represented also as an infant interacting with a loving mother.

This evolution is illustrated through major French, Italian and international works. A peculiar graphic trick – the squaring and clipping of the images – helps to highlight iconic elements in the paintings that corroborate the explanations.

If it took centuries before the figure of a child was depicted as a little boy or girl without further metaphor or meaning, it took even more centuries, to represent creativity as part of that age…

Again, it was Picasso the first one to show the way…

cover pic credit: Le Nouveau-né 
Georges de La Tour (1593-1652)
 © MBA, Rennes, Dist.RMN-Grand Palais / Louis Deschamps