Cooking in the Wild

Produced by Bonne Pioche


How to live in the wilderness when the only resources available are those that Mother Nature offers? Instructor in survival techniques and great lover of large spaces, John C. invites a famous chef to share an unforgettable cooking experience with him for three days. During each show,  John teaches how to survive in the wilderness to professionals, the army as well as to those who are simply passionate about Nature.

In this show, John C. guides five talented chefs in the wild. Far from the comfort of their own kitchen, they can only take three ingredients and three vital utensils with them. Together, they dread life in the midst of preserved natural areas. All along, John and he or she will be sharing a very special moment close to Nature. Each guest will learn to identify edible plants and herbs, how to hunt and fish, build a makeshift shelter, light a fire, or carve their tools for their meals. In turn they will have to face a challenge: show they are capable of concocting a fine meal with the things the surroundings offer. At the heart of the woods, in the plains, in the French mountains or on hilly coastlines, Cooking in the Wild is the occasion to enjoy a unique tasting rendez-vous, concocted by generous professionals in an outstanding setting!