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40 years after Neil Amstrong’s historical footstep, mankind is about to return to the Moon, but this time, to stay!

A new generation of astronauts is training for a Lunar landing in 2019. As part of this training, astronauts are now staging a dress rehearsal of their Lunar Mission, called “Constellation” in Devon Island. This island located in Antarctica, is the biggest uninhabited one on Earth. Very similar to what we know about the moon’s surface, Devon Island is the perfect place to learn again the ins and outs of a spatial exploration. The international team of the “Constellation” mission has to build a camp as the one foreseen on Mars.

Everything they need is gathered in a few tents and several portacabins. A real challenge for the scientists and engineers is to put themselves in the real conditions of a spatial mission.

As we follow this team of experts, new questions arise: Who will be on the crew in 2019? Will the next man to walk on the Moon be…a woman? How do we build a permanent base on the moon? Will the explorers find ice in the Schakleton crater?