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First triple DNA baby-boy is born at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City.


Today, thanks to major advance in medically assisted procreation, ‘triple DNA’ babies have become a reality, and you can even have the baby of your dreams. Clinics sell ideal sperm ready for use: carefully selected sperm, with a photo of the donor, his measurements, his IQ and his ethnic origin. And only suiting embryos are now implanted. Clients can choose the gender and the eye colour of their future offspring. Guaranteed, of course, to be free from genetic disease. The risky advance has caused general surprise among the medical profession. What does this development signify? Conceived at first as solution to health and social problems, such as growing infertility and genetic diseases, these cutting-edge techniques have created a new business, not very much ethical. Bespoke babies are no longer just a myth.