Climate: A Few Degrees Less

Produced by Bonne Pioche
52′ 90′ HD

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The G-7 Embraces Decarbonization. Make your viewer share this vision.


Famous American economist and Director of The Earth Institute in New York, Jeffrey Sachs, has a vision. He intends to avoid world temperature rising by more than 2°c before 2050. The challenge is crucial because beyond these extra 2°c, the Earth is bound to experience dramatic situations, or worse big catastrophes. It is essential to divide by two the greenhouse gas emissions, which mainly come from the production and use of fossil fuels in transport, building, and industry.  And this can only be accomplished with a radical change in the way our energy is produced and consumed – says Jeffrey Sachs. As a man of action, Jeffrey has been gathering high-flying scientists and experts of various fields from the 15 countries that emit most greenhouse gases. He has asked them to define scenarios that might be credible, realistic and economically viable by year 2050, so as to guarantee CO2 emissions are divided by 2. This “Yes we can” scientific approach is an endeavor to raise awareness amongst politicians in preparation for the 2015 Paris UN climate change Summit. In this documentary, the viewer will follow Jeffrey Sachs and various scientific teams in their crusade. It will tell the story of a scientific task force and its development prospects for a “carbon-free” life, around the world.