Produced by FCA
20x52′ HD


High side is a term used to describe a crash in which a motorbike is leaned over while cornering and flips back up towards the outside…

Now, imagine a unique stand-up show about motorcycles, in which pilots, aficionados, and excited spectators are invited to discover and test the most recent models.

Its presenter, multi-winner rider Bader, is accompanied by a dynamic team of six people. They share a common passion with lot of joy and humour. And they share of course a lot of cheers and adrenaline rushes during the trials.

In each episode, the pilots test and compare a couple of vehicles, share their impressions fears and excitement directly from the racetrack. Moreover, the team give tips about how to repair and customize your own motorbike, professionals answer the public’s questions, and highlight the differences between some models within the same category.

This program has been working really successfully on prime time in France, as it pleases all kind of public. And it is available as a format as well.