A serie by ALAIN DAYAN
Produced by GALAXIE


This documentary collection is an invitation to discover the most beautiful volcanoes on the planet by approaching them by sea. 

Aboard cruise ships commanded by captain-adventurers, a team of volcanologists, geologists, and naturalists travel among other passengers to famous archipelagos which were formed by eruptions.

Sailing around the Aleutian Islands, between Russia and Alaska, or hopping from one Hawaiian island to the other, the experts will decrypt the mechanisms and the geological phenomena behind the amazing landscapes. CGI will help to illustrate their specificities. On the ground, in the villages, and on the slopes of the volcanoes, local guides will be providing with anecdotes and facts relating to beliefs, rituals, and superstitions. Throughout, a voice over will add details about the expedition and the mood of the characters.

In each episode, remarkable airborne images shot in 4K will marvel the viewer with impressive landscapes of water and fire. Join the lava fans, join the lava lovers.