Living Waters

A film by Nicolas Argillet & Thierry Robert
Produced by BONNE PIOCHE
90′ 4K HD


H20, two simple molecules… Two small molecules that condition life, shaped our landscapes, irrigated our soils and our plantations. They draw the horizon, cut the mountains, carve the rocks, trace deltas and estuaries, get lost in the sea and the ocean. They feed our forests, clean the soil, water animals and men. They are our living waters. Rivers, torrents, streams, thousands of watercourses wind their way through France over more than 500,000 kilometers. They tell the story of our landscapes and reflect the geological and climatic history of our country. No two rivers are alike, and all of them are home to exceptional aquatic fauna and flora in their currents, on their banks, and under their shores. From the highest French summits to our maritime lagoons. LIVING WATERS follows the long journey of water.