Produced by When We Were Kids
2x52′ HD


In remote and harsh places in Alaska and Chile, two sportsmen are looking for extreme sensations and unique encounters.

Damien and Mathieu, a surf and a double World snowboard champion respectively, set off to discover the various landscapes and people of Alaska, Chile, and soon many other awe-inspiring places, in order to understand how the presence or lack of water shape the region.

Generosity, solidarity and curiosity are key to such a big adventure into the wild.

Throughout their encounters, they will discover the lives of brave men – like a single-engine pilot who is used to flying in extreme weather conditions, a solo mountain guide, or an aboriginal fishermen who proudly keep transmitting the knowledge and history of their peoples. They will also following families in their daily lives and customs, and share quality time with them.

Besides, Damien and Mathieu will be quite busy climbing glaciers, surfing the cold Pacific waves, kayaking, and hiking for miles through solitary landscapes.

This is absolutely bound to be a female and male skimming environmental program.

Image credit: ©Gregory Rabejac