on the trail of the fox

produced by Bonne Pioche


During five months, three cameramen wish to capture incredible images for a full-length feature film they work on. To achieve this mission, they have to face several challenges. First: to find the perfect spot, the most beautiful place in Europe where foxes can be filmed in the wild. They finally choose to settle in the stunning Abruzzi National Park in Italy. Second: to shoot outstanding, striking, beautiful, unusual, even inspirational footage of foxes in this fairytale woodland setting. Waiting for hours during days and night they go all over valleys and mounts, in order to film the wonderful nature around them, also hoping to eventually meet a fox, which will soon become their best companion. An incredible relationship results from the patience, tenacity and sweetness of those men, in order to make a wild fox able to take a real part in the film they work on. More than a wildlife documentary, “In the fox’s trail” is full of emotion and also shows the backstage of a feature-length shooting, where technical aspects, weather conditions and difficulties of working with wild animals, create a superb and inventive tale.