A series by various directors
Produced by Alegria
2x52′ 5x26′ HD


Life in Tehran is full of intense moments of joy, sadness, love, devotion or death as it is elsewhere in the world. Beyond the political and religious issues, here is the life and destiny of real people in the spotlight. The year 2019 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, which is a good opportunity to go back to Tehran and witness the daily routines of its inhabitants. As in most places around the world, beauty and love are the favorite subjects of chitchats at the beauty parlors. Whereas in another episode, questions about life and death will be tackled by light-hearted as well as engaging caretakers and mourners. In the meantime, we will discover different neighborhoods by following the adventures of a young couple and their coffee truck. In each episode of Tehran stories, shot in an observational/ cinéma vérité style, the viewer will explore the life of real people. And sometimes watch and take part in really hilarious moments. Don’t miss the chance to broadcast it in 2019. The series could be easily scheduled vertically within one night or weekend, or shown on a weekly base. Every story and every character is so peculiar in their own way, that any could be the first episode.