Paris, the Great Flood

Produced by Bonne Pioche
52′ 90′ HD


In winter 1910 Paris and its suburb is flooded. It is a major catastrophe in the history of the city: 200 000 people died and it cost the equivalent of several billion Euros and 45 days of chaos. This centennial flood will happen again and the city is preparing for it. Since the beginning of the 21st century, many years in a row, it has been raining for several weeks. Groundwater levels are high in the winter. Once again, a flood threatens the city. But an emergency plan exists, and Paris could avoid going through the same nightmare all over again. The police and government are ready to face the catastrophe, but will the emergency plan really work? Through reenacted scenes, archive images and eyewitness accounts, this film retraces the events that could take place in Paris once again…