super mole

produced by bonne pioche


Did you know that a mole can bear up to twenty times her weight? That she spends eighteen hours a day digging? And that she must eat at least every six hours?

With a touch of humor and fantasy, this film ventures deep underground to reveal the incredible story of how a little mammal survives and thrives, and actually conquers the planet: Unbelievable but true, we talk about the mole, the super mole!

The audience is taken on a journey into the labyrinth of tunnels where the mole lives its entire life. Here we discover her dazzling ‘superpowers’: forelimbs that can dig through the toughest soil, huge lungs which enable it to breathe underground, a supersensitive nose that can smell earthworms behind a wall of clay, and special whiskers on its snout and tail which detect the slightest vibrations through the ground.

Our mole must put all these powers to good use: above the ground her arch-enemy, the Lawnmower Man, is trying every conceivable way to destroy her and stop the hills of earth that appear every morning on his lawn. To survive she must outwit her human nemesis at every turn. Who will win?