The Albatross and the Rockhopper Penguin

A film by Rémy Marion
Produced by Bonne Pioche


Albatrosses and Rockhopper penguins share the same land during a short Summer. Yet, two different destinies await their offspring. Here is another touching story about Life.

It is mating season on the Falkland Islands. On this small patch of land in the South Atlantic, different species are racing against time in order to give birth and breed their chicks or cubs.

Although they are few centimeters apart and they are both birds, albatrosses and penguins do not share the same destiny: the former are the princes of the sky whereas the latter are great swimmers.

Shot during 5 months, this blue-chip one-off will tell in the style of a Disney tale the stories of one couple of each species and their offspring.

Breathtaking underwater and airborne images as well as other specialized filming techniques capture incredible rarely-seen behaviors and intimate moments. This is an extra-ordinary story of survival.