Tribal Life

A serie by Simone Mackinder
Produced by Wildbear Entertainment
4x52′ HD


To many, Papua New Guinea is an enigma, a secluded tropical country lying on the western edge of the Pacific. With approximately nine million inhabitants, it may be relatively small, yet Papua New Guinea boasts incredible cultural diversity with its people speaking more than 850 languages. Rugged topography, isolation and time have allowed thousands of distinct traditional groups to flourish, each generation passing on unique customs, such as time-honoured songs, ceremonial dances, intricate handicrafts and fascinating rituals, that continue to be upheld and revered in modern times.

Each episode of Tribal Life: Papua New Guinea celebrates the extraordinary range of cultural expression that prevails in the four very different regions of Papua New Guinea. Trek through the craggy peaks and hidden valleys of the Highlands. Voyage around the pristine Islands and witness the power of its many volcanoes. Discover the Momase way of life while exploring the reaches of the mighty Sepik River. Then, finally, take in the breathtaking sights, sounds and traditions of the Southern Region. Featuring stunning footage and unique access, Tribal Life showcases the remarkable range of cultural and natural diversity of this unique region of the Pacific.