Unveiling our Senses

Produced by FCA
5x52′ 4K HD


Smelling scents, tasting wine, gazing at landscapes, stroking silk, listening to music…There are pleasures that we can only enjoy thanks to our five senses. Our senses enable us to perceive and control our surroundings. Yet we are not all equal. How can we explain the talent and incredible capacities of conductors, nosers, starred chefs and fighter pilots? What do experts learn from the extreme sense of smell and the sharp hearing of some animals? How can we improve ours, and how can science help us to do so? What can we learn from the blind and the deaf? When a sense is missing, the others turn to be much more developed than average. Through scientific experiments and interviews with experts and super-sensory people, this 5-part documentary series analyse each sense – their functioning, secrets and limits, and reveal future possible enhancement. Each episode tackles one sense at a time and plunges the viewer in a world of optical, sound and gustatory illusions and analysis.