Produced by ELZEVIR


Ships are key for the daily life on one of the largest and wildest archipelagos in the world. They routinely break the isolation of the people on the Polynesian islands, which live far away from big economic and politic hubs, by bringing food, items, medicine, letters and a variety of news and ideas.

Aboard modern ships like the Aranui – “the great path” in Maori – the viewer will discover a unique culture, at the crossroads between tradition and modern life. Introduced by a narrator’s voice, who also provides with key information on the island and the journey, surprising characters will lead each episode, and show local specificities. There are ship crewmembers, local cooks or Maori tattoo artists, amidst others.

Thanks to this series the viewer will meet the five only inhabitants of the Island of Toau! They share here a Robinson way of life and precious human values such as generosity and simplicity.

While incredible and colourful 4K airborne images will take the viewer into a wild landscape, handheld 4K cameras or steadycams will be following the daily events on the ground. Spectators are bound to watch and listen with rapt to the stories of these fascinating people as Gauguin and other artists did.