African Empires

A series by various directors
Produced by Les Fims D’Ici
4x52′ 4K HD
In production


Archaeological research shows how Africa has seen the rise, apogee and fall of great kingdoms, at the same time as Europe. However, colonization tried and almost managed to erase the memory of those powerful empires. Today, in times when Game of Thrones is so popular, we would like to introduce to the largest public the history of the Dark Continent from another perspective.

From the Sahel region to South Africa, the destiny of these kingdoms was more or less linked to the history of Europe, Asia and the New World. Some of them played even a key role in the Slave trade. Most talented and world renowned African directors, including joss Anjembé, Chris Macari, François Ellong, have decided to team up and recreate the greatness of Africa’s empires.