A film by Jean-Marc Villermet & Philippe Allante
Produced by FCA
52′ HD
In production


This is the hidden story of a illegal detention center that existed in the fort of Aiton in Savoy from 1962 and that continued for more than ten years.

A place kept secret with penitentiary methods unworthy of the values of the Republic. How could this disciplinary camp for some and this military prison for others have existed under the Fifth Republic? Why did men remain marked for life by months of forced labor or isolation underground? Who are the politicians and journalists who have denounced, since the beginning of the 1970s, these non-standard methods of detention?

Half a century later, those who were imprisoned in this mountainside fortress and who were called “disciplinarians” return to the site to unveil the true existence of convicts and, with the help of historians, carry out a painful duty of remembrance!