A serie by Jérôme CHEVAL
Produced by FCA, PLANETE+
4x52′ 4K HD


The story of the most famous motorbike brands reflects the culture, history and society of the country in which they were created. From Ducati to Harley-Davidson, this 4-part series tells the story of the industrial pioneers, by highlighting the crucial moments in their lives and their social context.

These constructors used to be gun makers, radio communication specialists, marine experts or even musicians. Most of them converted their factories to change with the time. Today we highlight the incredible destinies of the young men who developed and designed not only a vehicle but a discipline between sports and transportation.

The series opens the doors of the rooms, shacks, garages where it all started. In each episode the narrator retraces the saga of one empire. Restored archive footage shows the atmosphere of the 20th century. 4K-shot images serve the cinematographic mise-en-scene while the visual recordings bring back to life the engineers and their beginnings. In addition, present demonstrations and interviews with pilots and collectors from all over the world showcase the special features of each brand.

Give your viewer a unique access to a world full of legends, danger, speed and engineering breakthroughs!