A series by Alexandra Barbot
4x52′ 4K HD
In production


In our childhood dreams, archaeology was synonymous with thrilling adventures led by intrepid heroes such as Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. Archaeologists would venture far into unexplored forests or would search for mythical or even magical treasures. Today, adventure and magic have given way to a discipline that is just as powerful; namely, science.  And modern archaeologists do continue to amaze us with the incredible collection of futuristic tools they use to make the past speak. 

Laboratories and researchers have been relying on the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs to explore our origins in great detail. Dendrochronology, palynology, genetic studies, laser measuring and mapping, photogrammetry, scanning, robotics… By making the most of these innovations, archaeology has been more prolific than ever. 

It is now possible to identify the structure of a wreck no matter how deep it rests, but also to say what a Cro-Magnon man had for his last meal, and even to recreate a Pompeii villa interior…  Science has started to shed light on the unknown aspects of our history, and nothing will be eluded. 

This collection of four movies will reveal how science offers us a completely new perspective on history.