Produced by BONNE PIOCHE
6x52′ HD
In production


The oceans stretch over two-thirds of our planet. Yet, the underwater world remains terra incognita.

Since early times, fishermen, adventurers, scientists and engineers have been deve- loping strategies and tools in order to unravel the mysteries of the depths.Facing cold,darkness and extreme pressure, they succeeded in going under and under.

By using public as well as private-owned unreleased footage, together with recently shot ITWs with experts, this 6-part series will retrace the stories of underwater ex- ploration from the first pioneers to today’s. The unique access to the rarest collection of submarines and other equipment from all around the world will show the viewer how often those people risked their life for science.

Throughout the program, CGI will explain the key scientific topics behind the tech- nological feats that are linked to such a challenging human adventure.We will learn about the basics of oceanography, the utopia of underwater human life, tra- veling through time and space. And in each episode, we will be watching fasci- nating creatures and plants with awe.

What secrets are kept in the Deep?