Building a Flying Tiger

Produced by T2MP


Agile as a feline scouring around an area unseen and attacking its prey by surprise, the Tiger is a unique helicopter designed to enhance protection against terrorism. Designed by an international team, it has already taken part in missions in dangerous countries riven by war like Afghanistan and Mali. With exclusive access to images shot by the army in the battlefield, the viewer will take seat on this incredible and sophisticated war machine – 14m long and 4m tall – and discover its cutting-edge features. Illustrated by computer-generated images, interviews with the builders and the pilots, will deliver the secrets of this supreme aircraft. Engineers invite the camera into the manufacturing factories, showing the design and construction of this strong, light and fast helicopter: the selection of machine-guns or rocket launchers, as well as the composition of the wings and the motors. Sitting in the cockpit, pilots will show the utility of super high-tech bespoke helmets as well as of the cameras, including infrared one, installed on the aircraft. Follow them into a flight at 275km per hour inside the only helicopter in the world able to make a looping!