French Forests

A film by Thierry ROBERT
Produced by Bonne Pioche, France Televisions, UshuaÏa TV
110′ HD


France is largely covered by forests. Because of its unique location, spanning from the humid areas along the Channel to the sunbathed Mediterranean coastline, between the oceanic and continental climate regions, each forest is unique in kind, and representative of other European woodlands.

Academy-winner Bonne Pioche and French public broadcaster have now launched a massive audio-visual survey of the country’s several green lungs, through a whole year, through all 4 seasons. Based on scientific research, the goal is to highlight their features, key roles, needs and possible dangers.

In a premium 110’-long documentary, experts of different areas will describe the fauna and flora inside, above and underneath the canopy, while working in the field. Thanks to airborne images from both helicopters and drones, as well as beautiful traveling sequences and the use of night cameras and low-light cameras, the viewer will watch funny wild cocks parading, follow wild cats in the snow, or observe buds open. In a nutshell, the film is an ode celebrating Nature.