produced by Ekla Production
6x52′ 4K HD


Beside the official UNESCO World Heritage List, another one exists, – more discreet and unknown to the public – the Tentative List. Each country can apply to it. So far this inventory includes over 1 500 sites. The first 3 episodes of this promising series take the viewer to Guatemala, Kenya and Lebanon, to meet with energetic and committed men and women. They are engineers, teachers, archeologists, volunteers, NGO leaders, and curators… They struggle daily to preserve the patrimony of their country. And there is a good chance that UNESCO will register them as World Heritage. From Mombasa Old Town to the Mayan site of El Tigre, and the most luxurious Lebanese valleys, each place has a story to tell. Airborne, traveling and close-up shots will highlight the beauty and fragility of these cultural and natural sites. Whereas interviews with their protectors will help the viewer to understand why they need to get the famous UNESCO label…