Iran From Above

A series by Peter Latzko
Produced by Bonne Pioche
2x52′ 3x43′ 4K HD


Let the viewer discover Iran from exclusive point of view: the sky. With exclusive access to key locations, both for ground and drone footage, this film show for the very first time the natural, cultural wonders of Iran, a country that gave birth to an entire civilization: Persia.

For some years, the country is opening to the world while remaining a mystery.
This film reveals the splendors of Iran and takes us deep in the heart of its population, between air sequences and intimate portraits.

Iran displays the geographical and climatic extremes of an entire continent. The fertile highlands are home to the largest, most significant cities and cultural sites in Persian history. Between eternal landscapes and new geographies modeled by man, this series wants to make its way through the countryside and cities, to discover a population that embodies both traditional Iran and a country in constant change.

The documentary switches between portraits of women, men and traditions. And this in places such diverse as arid regions, mountain villages or historical sites ; Isfahan, Tabriz or Tehran and much more. This series shows a kaleidoscope of today’s Iran.