Produced by FCA
100x52′ HD


You can easily enter Palazzo Pitti, the Smithsonian Museum, or even the Bank of France, but have you ever dared explore a luxury hotel beyond its hall?

The world’s most exclusive hotels open their doors to our discrete cameras. Slow motions, zoom-ins, travelling shots highlight the style, elegance, and splendor of these exceptional dwellings.

650 hotels around the world are featured according to their location and a precise topic: designers’ hotels, luxury lodges, iconic hotels.

While hotel owners tell stories and anecdotes around the edifice, architects, deco- rators and personnel reveal more concrete details. On the top of it, travel and trend experts add relevant information about the surroundings.

Explore the meander of spas, suites, giant infinity pools, that make a viewer daydream in the lapse of an hour.