Lord of Tea

Produced by Aloest Productions


At the borders of 
India and Nepal, in Darjeeling, lives Rajah Banerjee, who runs 
a family and traditional tea estate.

Raja has been the first one in the region to have opted for biodynamic farming and fair-trade commerce, while producing one of the most sought-after teas
in the world.

He is an anthropologist who works wearisomely to preserve the cultural heritage of the Himalayan region, and also a passionate environmentalist who fights to conserve the rich biodiversity.

But above all, Rajah has empowered women. He has hired more and more, and often appointed them as chiefs.

His story is a universal message of philanthropy, and shows us the behind the scenes of tea production, as well as the daily life of people who live in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Darjeeling.