Gadjo, a prince among the gypsies

produced by silex films


Try not to forget this name: Louis de Gouyon Matignon. In his early twenties and in spite of his aristocratic origins, he fights for the Gypsies’ rights.

With an angel-face and a signet ring, Louis looks like a typical example of the upper class. Yet, he follows a particular community, which is far away from his social circle: the Manush, a French group of Travelers. While fighting for the defense of the Travelers’ rights, he seems to look for his own identity. He has learnt their language and culture, and spends most of his spare time among them.

In an observational style, this documentary offers a different picture of the Travelers community and follows Louis’ daily life: As a young rich man, a student, an active defender of the Gypsy cause, a writer, a media man and a young promising politician.