Masters of Engineering

a series by various directors
Produced by 2P2L
10x52′ HD


What propelled the construction of higher and higher buildings? Which technologies made the discovery of the oceans possible? How are gravity defying bridges designed? What will the future of the aircraft industry be?

For centuries there have been countless and huge advances in the field of civil engineering, What are they? What is next?

Thanks to the explanations of leading experts in physics, maths and other hard sciences, the viewer plunges into a world of inventions from the past to tomorrow.

Combining bluechip photography with innovative CGI, all set in spectacular locations across the world, this documentary series highlights the history of human ingenuity.


Higher & Higher

Conquering the Oceans

Bridging the gap

Icarus’ Dream

No Mountain High Enough

Masters of Rail

Mega Dams & Channels

Conquerors of the poles

Masters of Land

Masters of Fire