Mysterious Discoveries in the Great Pyramid

Produced by Bonne Pioche
90′ 52′ 4K HD


A major international mission decided to scan the pyramids of Egypt thoroughly. The world’s leading specialists in non-invasive visualization techniques have finally obtained authorization to unveil their secrets.

The mission consists of three major simultaneous steps.

Thanks to new technologies, Japanese scientists will detect the “muons” – which are tiny particles generated by cosmic rays. Muons penetrate the atmosphere and every single thing on earth. Specific detectors placed around the pyramids are bound to capture the “light” given off by muons, and will produce a negative image of the inside of the pyramids.

Simultaneously, French and Canadian thermal infrared cameras will be analysing the largest Egyptian pyramids day and night, hour by hour. The aim is to prove if there is any internal ramp or unknown structure behind the surface.

Finally, drones equipped with photo-gravimetric cameras will be flying over of the Giza Plateau, collecting data in order to create a 3D mapping.

First attempts have already detected unexpected anomalies.

What is about to be discovered ? Will we discover secret corridors and chambers? Will the life-size scan be able to confirm any one of the existing theories?