Nazis VS Freemasons – The robbing of the lodges

Produced by ADLTV
52′ HD


Paris, June 14, 1940German troops parade on the Champs Elysees. The same day, special units loot the headquarters of French Masonic Obedience. By order of Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi Party theorist, obsessed with the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, they collect tons of archives and precious books and they ship them to Berlin. The aim is threefold: identifying all French Freemasons, highlighting the anti-fascist political networks and finding a hypothetical esoteric secret held by freemasons. Why Nazis, the day they invaded Paris, made the looting of archives in the two main Masonic lodges one of their main priorities? Why, later on, the powerful KGB decided, by order of the Kremlin, to steal this unusual loot from the Germans? To run the investigation and elucidate the facts, Emmy-award winner Jean-Pierre Devillers will rely on two journalists and a group of freemasons and historians. In particular he will follow the work of American expert Patricia Kennedy Grimsted. The past episodes will be illustrated through animated archives and interviews. The film will bring to light a little known story full of geopolitical drama and esoteric issues…