Return to Wild America

Produced by Bonne Pioche
3x52′ 3x43′ HD


Against every expectation, wild animals are winning back much of America’s lost land. Over the last 40 years, more than half of the wildlife has disappeared and the list of endangered species just keeps growing. Yet more and more countries are currently witnessing an explosion in their wildlife populations. This paradoxical phenomenon is most pronounced in the United States. While their natural habitat keeps shrinking, mooses, bears and coyotes seem particularly able to adapt to living alongside humans in cities. One major consequence is the destruction of public and cultural areas. It is also the cause of thousands of road accidents and a resurgence of zoonosis, animal diseases transmitted to humans. Damages caused by wild animals in the US cost billions of dollars each year. How has that happened? To elucidate the reasons, this three-part series will call wildlife specialists to focus on 3 major animal families – birds, carnivores and herbivores. It will be using an investigative style – collecting evidence, testimonies and news stock footage, as well as the latest technology to catch animals on the hop.