A series by François Pomès & ANNE-FLEUR DELAISTRE
Product by Label News
4x52′ 4K HD


For the first time, an international team of scientists conduct a double scanning of the Nile in order to unveil its latest secrets. Get ready to board on a 5,000 year-long travel in time thanks to the most recent 2.0 Archaeology techniques.

Exceptional authorisations will allow a precise photogrammetry of the 6,700km long banks. Whereas an underwater robot equipped with a 4K camera, a light system as well as a measuring laser and sample analyser will offer a wide exploration of the river down to 200 meters! Wrecks, flooded villages and buildings will be brought to light, along with the river wildlife.

From the spring to the delta of the Nile, the viewer will admire fascinating vestiges -visible and invisible ones. They will watch an amazing mapping of the port of Alexandria at the times of Ptolemy and the Ancient Romans. Last but not the least, they will find out more about the remnants of a Neolithic village, that French and Egyptian archaeologists have recently discovered.

Besides possibly new discoveries, this 4-part series in 4K will awe your viewer with amazing landscapes and images.