Science VS Terrorism

A series by Elisabeth Scherrer
Produced by Bonne Pioche
4x52′ 4K HD


Over the last two years, researchers in mathematics, virtual reality, chemistry, physics, computer science or engineering have been pushing the boundaries of their fields. Their goal is to develop more accurate data analysis and to trigger more efficient responses against international terrorism. Working closely together with public decision-makers and security actors, they have been developing and designing an array of cut- ting-edge technologies in order to save lives.

There are sophisticated algorithms for tracking down suspect individuals, olfactory DNA, spying mini-drones, new fabrics or materials…
This is no science fiction.The series enters the secret laboratories of those who put their skills at the service of protecting the world.


1 – Robotics

2 – Digital Data

3 – Vs Bioterrorism

4 – Soldier of the Future