story of a soul

produced by bonne pioche


“Story of a soul” is a famous play in which the talented actress Eva Hernandez excels in recounting a thrilling monologue. But more than a simple monologue, it is a fabulous and schizophrenic play she performs here: Using the techniques of the one-woman show, she embodies Sainte Thérèse, but also her parents, a doctor, a priest or even the Pope. By gathering all those characters in one body, Eva Hernandez moves the viewer, and makes him laugh.

The central theme of the play is Saint Thérèse de Lisieux destiny. A woman who lived a short but extraordinary life, and who knew at a very young age she was meant to be a Carmelite nun. By recounting anecdotes and vivid events of this nun’s life, Eva Hernandez is completely filled by her.

Directed in an artistic way, this play works perfectly on screen. By using different shots and lightening, the viewer is actually immersed in the room, and is part of the audience.