Time of the Giants

A film by Pascal Cuissot
Produced by Bonne Pioche
52′ 90′ 4K HD


Over the last 20 years, the number of discoveries of new dinosaur species has multiplied, changing the way we see them.  By combining NHK’s highly realistic 3D imagery with the most recent paleontological evidence – to which we have exclusive access – this project offers an ambitious and spectacular PRIME TIME documentary.

Scientists now believe they have a more accurate overview of dinosaurs. Unique fossils have revealed more details about their behaviour and characteristics.  Feathers were a widespread feature amidst dinosaurs and must have facilitated their adaptation to extreme climates, such as the Arctic. In addition, the discovery of a fossilized nest suggests that these animals hatched their eggs and took care of their offspring. 

In the same period, the oceans were filled with sea monsters – reptilians which had probably fled the dinosaurs in their evolutionary process. In particular, this film will show the survival tactics of these giants, especially off the coasts of Japan.

This is an exciting vision quite different from the world imagined for Jurassic Park !