To the ends of the Earth

Produced by Bonne Pioche


Since Man started to explore the world, some places never stopped captivating and fascinating his mind. The mythical attraction is part of the history of exploration and is still accurate today. In order to experience these “first steps” again, a famous explorer takes 4 travelers with him in a fabulous journey through Patagonia. By teaching with patience and pedagogy some basic exploring techniques, the travelers learn how to face any kind of weather and land. Each one of the 4 people taken to this trip has is own way to live and appreciate the adventure. More than a simple discovery, it is a lifetime experience. Thanks to stunning images, and by going from tears to laugh and amazement to endurance, this film makes us discover an awe-inspiring land through the eyes of people we can easily identify with. What will they learn through this journey? And will they cope with it all together as a team?