waiting for the elephants

produced by Bonne Pioche


Get ready to discover one of the most luxuriant ecosystems on Earth, and be completely immerged into it. By following a famous director, photographer and cameraman, in the heart of the rain forest of Gabon, the film makes us discover the beauties of the tropical environment. The goal of Jérôme Bouvier and his team is to film the forest elephants. These mammals take an essential part in the way trees and plants propagate. When elephants and other animals eat fruits at a certain place, their excretions, miles away from the first spot, create natural sowings. This not-so-known life cycle between fauna and flora is vital for the durability of the ecosystem. 30 meters above the ground, the members of the crew are perched on a 2 square-meter platform, and observe life around them, including various species of monkeys and insects. This amazing location gives them the opportunity to discover the tropical forest and its abundant wildlife, while explaining the very important link between vegetal and animal.