Women Painters, four centuries of struggle

Produced by Ex Nihilo
52′ HD


Speaking of painters, one can easily mention big names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Turner, or Monet… all of whom are men. But do the names of Artemisia Gentileschi or Rosa Bonheur ring any bell to you? Despite their skills, female painters were for long time ignored by art historians and still remain unknown to the public. For centuries many women had to struggle to find their way in this field. Artemisia Gentileschi was strong enough to face many obstacles, and be eventually recognized by her male peers. Angelika Kauffmann’s skills allowed her firstly to be admitted to the London royal court – and then to become one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Arts. Suzanne Valandon had enough ingenuity and courage to challenge the image of the female body… In a nutshell, exceptional women deserve recognition. Archives and interviews with experts will review the stories and masterpieces of those women, who lived between the 16th and the 20th century. Who are they? And what did they bring to the art field?