Packing for Mars

Produced by Le Cinquième Rêve
52′ 90′ 4K HD


The race to travel to the Red Planet is on!

Yet, reaching Mars represents a challenge that goes far beyond anything encountered before. For whereas the round trip to the Moon of the Apollo XI mission last eight days, it will take 3 years to get to Mars and come back. National space agencies, scientists and private businesses are competing to find pioneering ways to be part of this adventure and are investing colossal sums of money to achieve their goal.

In this one-off, we will meet with the world-leading scientists, engineers and innovators who are at work all over the world to make the trip possible. Every single aspect of human survival is being considered, and solutions are being sought. Come onboard and find more about what is going to be packed for Mars! What rocket is capable of travelling such a long distance? How can the human body be trained to adapt to living in an environment without gravity ? how will food and water be produced? Which dwellings the first Humans will inhabit on Mars? And, even more important, how will one be able to cope both mentally and physically with the ordeal and limited space?