teenage explorers and the american dream

A film and a series by GUY BEAUCHE
produced by bonne pioche
110′ 4x26′ HD


Paul, Emma, Madeleine and Valentin, are four teenagers ready to discover the United States, the American dream, and the seamy sides of it. Four stories, four destinations, one young vision of this amazingly diverse country. With humor and sometimes impertinence, they get immerged in different states, and each one of them goes from a discovery to another. What are they going to learn? How will they live this experience? And what will be their idea of this dreamy land after such a travel?   – Madeleine and the American dream Hollywood is a mythical place for anyone who wants to become a star… But Madeleine will soon learn it is not as easy as anyone think, or have thought. Going all over California, she will also discover some migration issues that Latinos communities have to face, when they hope to live the famous “American Dream”.   – Paul and the Afro America Paul will first be amused by the eccentricity of New Orleans, but he will soon discover that the city has a very dark side since Katrina. Many years after the hurricane, damages are still here and the population has to cope with it. By getting immerged in different cities and living with different families, Paul will make us visit the Afro America, the contemporaneous and historical one.   – Emma and the alternative America Who said Americans food habits were just about fast-food and snacks? Emma will make us discover another America. An alternative one, made of environmentally friendly cities, with many public transportations, local markets, and bio restaurants.   – Valentin and the traditional America It is hard to speak about the USA without mentioning the “traditional” side of the country. Paul will get immerged in a Far West atmosphere, living in a ranch or in a Mormon family. He will learn a lot about different communities and will also discover the beautiful nature of this part of the country.