Together for a Greener World

Produced by Camera Lucida


By the end of World War II, the Americans had become “locavores”, and having turned their gardens into vegetable plots, were producing more than half of the vegetables consumed in the United States. Besides, they were recycling everything and car-sharing was commonplace, but this was all part of the war effort. The documentary explores the possibility of bringing about such radical social transformation during peacetime, so to face the environmental challenges in our near future. The questions asked are basic: will we wait until climatic change, the depletion of our natural resources or the end of cheap energy supplies have our back up against the wall? Or can we act voluntarily and freely without waiting for restraints and obligations to force us to act? The answers are great as well as simple. Through examples of communities in France, the UK and China, that are working daily to preserve the environment they live in or to make it a better place, the viewer realizes how everyone can really make a difference.