Treaty of Rome, Behind the Scenes

Produced by Camera Lucida
52′ HD


It was clear, that, after the two world wars, the need for Peace, Stability and Security in Europe could only be fulfilled through UNION. Upon the end of the Marshall plan, the European countries had to be economically strong. And this would have only been possible through a single market first, as well as a much larger union later. In order to face the challenges to their security, i.e. from neighboring powerful URSS, and guarantee peaceful years between them, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg agreed on the terms of the Treaty of Rome on the 25th of March 1957. But this had not been an easy task. It took 6 years before they signed the treaty. And still one of the main goals –a united army- had not been agreed upon. Today, in times of turmoil and Brexit, it becomes necessary to remind everybody of the VALUES and REASONS for the creation of the EUROPEAN UNION. With a background in writing detective stories, the scriptwriter promises to add thrill to the storyline. The pace is given by intertwining archive footage with reenacted scenes based on written documentation.